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Where's the plane?

Photo submitted by a correspondent.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a spray plane isn't visible?  I've observed this several times but thought that perhaps the plane was somehow obscured by the aerosol haze.  However, as regards the occurrence shown in the photos below, I'm sure there was no visible plane or spraying device because:  1.) the aerosol haze was very thin, and 2.) there isn't a single visible trace of a spraying device when the photos are magnified.  My Sony digital camera is excellent.  I can magnify areas of a photo and find amazing details.  I can't find any sprayer details here, though.  There is absolutely no plane or spraying device visible.  This is evidence of cloaking and stealth technology being used in the aerosol operations, and many others have also noticed this.

These are photos I took of a trail in the process being sprayed across the sky by what must be some form of stealth technology :

Photo enlarged 800%

Photo enlarged 800% and color "auto balanced" to enhance detail. 

Magnified to 71 pixels across and then enlarged to be viewable on this page Color contrast increased.
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