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Monster Trail:

 Two chemtrails fill half the sky in minutes.

 Jan. 29, 2003

  2:37 PM

2:38 PM     

The first trail has just started to spread and the second trail was just sprayed.  The second trail looks very different from the first.

Perhaps a different type of aerosol was used.

The 2 trails converged and then expanded rapidly.
 3:09 PM  3:19 PM
4:15 PM
An hour later the aerosol expansion had ceased and the aerosol cloud took on a much different appearance.  It was as if it had condensed into something almost solid.   It also looked "blurry" as though it were vibrating slightly.  I wonder if this "blurry" effect was the result of some type of electromagnetic radiation.

    A higher resolution of this photo revealed what looked like a fine, dense mesh of crystalline-appearing fibers glistening in the setting sun.  Perhaps a chemical reaction between the two different aerosols created this.

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