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Barium Cloud Striations
Barium cloud striations enable scientists to to study the electrical field in space.

I did an internet search for "barium cloud striations" which produced a Los Alamos Laboratory scientist's resume. It listed his publications, presentations and memos during the 1970's and 80's. Many involved the use of barium clouds, such as "Barium Plasma Striations From Kinetic Drift Waves", and "Prompt striations observed in a Barium Thermite release at 335km" etc.  His experiments were about "weapons phenomenology", and the ionosphere and magnetosphere.   (His resume concluded with this note:  "Since 1992 I have been doing work for the DoD with an explicit prohibition against release of information.")

Barium cloud striations resemble a normal cloud feature called "undulatus". You can easily tell the difference between them if you happen to observe their actual formation. Barium cloud striations are seen to form very suddenly because they are an electromagnetic response, while "undulatus" clouds are created by air currents and therefore form more gradually.

These striations were all photographed from our backyard.  The appearance of these striations supplies additional evidence for the conclusion that these clouds contain barium.

 I can understand why a weapons scientist is looking at barium cloud striations. But why are we?

ELECTROLYSIS & BARIUM  The presence of barium and other metallic particulates has been repeatedly demonstrated in direct association with the aircraft aerosol operations.

Radio Communication Utilizing the Base of a Striated Barium Plasma.

Electromagnetic Radiation & Barium Clouds  


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