Cloud cover breaks apart and reveals how it was composed of chemtrails

 I've observed what appear to be electromagnetic energies causing aerosol clouds to "vibrate" or display other weird effects.  In this case, a dense cloud cover came apart very strangely and vanished very rapidly without being moved by air currents. 
9:41 AM  Dense cloud cover almost blocked out the sun. 
12:17  Things start cooking at midday.  12:21  The cloud blanket appeared to bulge back and forth.       
12:27  Breakup begins.... 12:30    12:34
1:00 1:02  This seeming stratus cloud  was actually constructed by spraying aerosols.
After observing this several times, I wondered if an electromagnetic technology was being utilized to incorporate the aerosol material into the air, in order to increase the ionization (electron density) of the atmosphere and make it more conductive. It also seems possible that this might merely be a visible side effect of HAARP (or  some other) technology.

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