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Black shadow guided plane   August 2008   I just watched this clip for the 5th time and was surprised to see what appear to be 2 silver orbs (ufo's?) go flying by at high speed at the 32 seconds point.  Rerun it a few times ((try pausing) and check it out! 

Is this another orb?  August 6, 2005
The orb is very small -- I'm not referring to the light refraction also seen in these photos.
1.) Jet with normal contrail seen alongside chemtrail X formation.  No orb is visible.  2.) Orb appears. 3.) Jet moves ahead, orb is still visible.


Larger version of  photo #2 above.


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Small ORBS Around CHEMTRAILS Identified

UFO Guy  Video news segment-- Las Vegas man ("prophet Yahweh") prays for ufo's and then sees orbs. Of course, the news people aren't familiar with orbs, and are baffled.  Sections of chemtrail briefly visible on clip.


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