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Sunrise Percolation



The appearance of these clouds was anomalous -- I'd even say suspicious.   I've looked for a natural cause for it, and found that these bubbles resemble an unusual cloud element called mammatus, but mammatus is only present on the underside of a cumulonimbus in warm weather, and this was the underside of  an extremely thin stratus in December.*  These clouds also displayed a very weird characteristic of appearing to vibrate, which isn't found in any natural cloud phenomena.

The following day we had a fierce and sudden ice storm which closed the schools down. We're accustomed to blizzards here, but this freak storm wouldn't give us any snow. (We continued to have no snow through Christmas and all of January-- in Northern Minnesota!!)  I wondered if more was involved here than met the eye. I began to notice that our clouds were a whole lot more bizarre than I ever could have thought possible. I started to see how many--or most-- are being created from aerosol spraying (chemtrails).  The beautiful cumulus clouds which filled the skies of my childhood were pretty much gone. So was precipitation, despite the fact that we have many, many overcast days and live on the shores of the world's biggest lake. I realized I hadn't seen a single cumulonimbus all of the previous summer.  (Update:  I finally actually saw some cumulonimbus several years later--in 2006 and 2007.)

Many, or perhaps even most, of the clouds over my town are fake!  I know that sounds crazy.  It's unbelievable!  Curiosity and outrage spurred me to create this photographic record of cloud anomalies which have become a regular occurrence.  The fact that aerosol clouds have become "usual" shouldn't cause us to believe that they are also "normal", however!                                                                                                    

*source: National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Weather

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