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Chemtrail Clouds and Electromagnetic Energy

I live in Duluth, Minnesota and photographed this extraordinary energy display from my back yard at midday on January 21, 2003.  It lasted 7 minutes.

These aerosol clouds were glowing, shimmering and colorful.  They appeared to be vibrating dramatically with a force or energy such as I've never seen before.   Needless to say, it wasnít the wind.  Nor was it the effect of light on ice crystals.  (Please look at the series of photos which follow after you read this.)

This is perhaps the most startling event I've ever witnessed.  It most definitely confirmed the involvement of electromagnetic radiation in the aerosol operations.  (I've occasionally observed other instances of less dramatic, but highly anomalous electromagnetic activity in aerosol-created clouds.)

These artificial clouds are accepted by the population as being natural because aerosols (chemtrails) have been gradually introduced.   Aerosols have been sprayed in the atmosphere for over 10 years.  In fact, many segments of the population were sprayed with experimental bacteria as many as 50 years ago!  We've been naive.  We couldn't imagine that our atmosphere was actually being saturated with toxic chemicals, so we accepted the appearance of aerosol clouds and chemtrails without question.  Now people regard them as being familiar and therefore "normal". 

This electromagnetic energy is engineered and these aerosol clouds contain substances which are conducive to the functioning of very advanced electromagnetic technology.  Barium is a leading candidate among chemicals, and HAARP is the likely electromagnetic technology.  Something rather bizarre is happening over our backyards, and most people aren't even remotely aware of it.    

Chemtrails influence life at the planetary level: the ionosphere and magnetosphere, weather and climate, and effects upon human and animal physiology are affected by this technology. 

The relentless spraying of these aerosols has changed our atmosphere.  It has become increasingly conductive of electromagnetic radiation.  This enables the atmosphere to be utilized as a platform for environmental modification (ENMOD), and is efficacious for the operation of HAARP technology.

The Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques prohibits using the environment as a weapon in conflicts. It was adopted back in the 1970's, but enmod is being deployed by militaries around the world despite the prohibition.

This seems like science fiction to most people when they first hear of it, but these military programs have been developing for decades.

Many people donít understand that electromagnetism is inherent in human anatomy and controls human physiology.  Every time a muscle moves, there are electrical discharges. Brain waves are electrical, all the sensory information that moves through the body to the brain is electrical.  Enzymes, which keep the whole organism of the body informed about various aspects about itself, are electrically influenced.  Cell division is electrical, the signal for the body to initiate wound healing is electrical, and the heartbeat is electrical. 

Electromagnetic radiation can be utilized for geophysical effects such as triggering earthquakes.  The earth itself is capable of being used as a weapon with this technology.  Changes in the earthís atmosphere bring about corresponding changes in the Earthís weather and climate.

Increasing the conductivity of the atmosphere (by spraying barium) increases the efficacy of HAARP.  In fact, the HAARP patent even calls for it.   HAARP technology is a source of powerful ELF (extremely low frequency) radiation.

Did you know that the brain can receive ELF signals?  Frequencies have been designed which can create particular emotional, physical and mental conditions such as tiredness, loss of memory, nausea, and depression.  An enormous range of human experience can be induced with electromagnetic radiation.  (See On the Possibility of Accessing every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms and also Poor Monkey.)

Do you recognize chemtrails and artificial aerosol clouds?  Chemical clouds and trails become increasingly obvious once you know what to look for.  I'm amazed at how oblivious we are to them-- although of course I was oblivious once myself.   I naturally assumed that the clouds were normal until I made a study of it.  Most people donít observe clouds, and simply take them for granted.  We should be able to take them for granted!  However, this lack of awareness has probably helped the aerosol operations to escalate freely.

There has been a relentless onslaught of these aerosols where I live.  I found it unbelievable until I repeatedly observed the process of their creation, movement and changes with my own eyes. Daily observation over several months led to identifying repetitive patterns and finally to recognizing the presence of electromagnetic energies in the process.


 Please help raise people's awareness about this.  This is our sky, our health, our life.


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Research descriptions and results can be found at Clifford Carnicom's  Aerosol Operation Crimes and Cover-up website. 

I first saw photos of electromagnetic radiation interacting with aerosols at "Chemtrail Hall of Shame"

Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques

On the Possibility of Accessing every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms

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