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The 2003 HAARP Blackout received the following information in a Linux PDF by email:  (I converted it to HTML to make it more accessible to readers.)


Dear All,

 I am a research scientist whom has worked with HAARP. Herein I present
evidence that HAARP may have been responsible for the blackout. The PDF
file is a three page document that briefly explains how and why this could
be. I hope you find it interesting, and I hope you will assist me in
spreading this news to as many people as possible. I created this e-mail
address as anonymous, but I can address any questions you might have about
the science involved. Note that due to the military control of HAARP the
actual extent of HAARP's capabilities is not well known even to senior HAARP
research faculty at the U. of Alaska, but the requirements of such an
experiment are within known capabilities.

Anonymous concerned scientist


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