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"Heavy metals, biological pathogens, “fibers”, polymers, and other dangerous materials are being sprayed everyday, all around the planet. The materials are fine particulates and are easily breathed in. Once in the body, they become systemic in less than a minute...."    
Morgellons/Chemtrail Illness Protocol by Gwen Scott, N.D.

This Morgellons/Chemtrail Illness protocol is on the cutting edge:  It provides essential health information while simultaneously pushing the outer limits of extreme weirdness.  I've studied many strange and fantastic phenomena, and nothing is more bizarre than Morgellons!  I've printed this to read several times and give to family and friends. (We're now taking the diatomaceous earth, etc. too.)  We're living in crazy times and need to take good care of ourselves and loved ones.  This protocol can help.



Nanomedicine, Vol. I: Basic Capabilities (Landes Bioscience, 1999). Robert A. Freitas Jr. The first volume of the Nanomedicine book series describes the set of basic capabilities of molecular machine systems that may be required by many, if not most, medical nanorobotic devices, including the physical, chemical, thermodynamic, mechanical, and biological limits of such devices. Specific topics include the abilities to recognize, sort and transport important molecules; sense the environment; alter shape or surface texture; generate onboard energy to power effective robotic functions; communicate with doctors, patients, and other nanorobots; navigate throughout the human body; manipulate microscopic objects and move about inside a human body; and timekeep, perform computations, disable living cells and viruses, and operate at various pressures and temperatures.

Read Text online (scroll down and find links under the Table of Contents)



Some quotes from this book:

"Nanodevices must be able to communicate with each other in order to:

1. coordinate complex, large-scale cooperative activities,

2. pass along relevant sensory, messaging, navigational, and other operational data, and

3. monitor collective task progress.

Finally, nanorobots must be able to receive messages from, and transmit messages to, both the human patient and external entities including antennas and telecommunications links, laboratory or bedside computers, and attending medical personnel."

"Electrically-powered nanorobots may tap natural electric fields already present in the body (Section 4.7.1) or may seek to acquire electromagnetic power from external sources."

"However, efficient micron-scale MHz-frequency rf antennas may still be feasible for individual nanorobots, as suggested by the following simplistic analysis."

"nanorobot cloud could communicate visual and auditory messages directly to the user".   (Which might be perceived as hallucinations under certain circumstances! --Lydia)

Some interesting facts about airborne nanorobots from this book:

Nanomedicine, Volume I: Basic Capabilities

"Airborne nanorobots can identify their host patient by chemical signature, much like a bloodhound or mosquito following its quarry's scent. Such chemical signatures or "odortypes" may include:

  1.  naturally-produced "baseline" chemical scents;

  2.  behaviorally-related scents which may appear or intensify during specific events such as heavy exercise, fear reactions (e.g., emotional excitement alone can increase the sweat rate by ~50%), defecation or flatulence, sexual activity, intoxication, and the like;

  3.  artificial scents such as perfumes, colognes, cosmetics and deodorants; and

  4.  artificial molecular taggants specially designed to simplify the recognition task, as for instance an odorless, volatile, digitally-encoded messenger molecule emitted from an external facility that is controlled by the patient.


  • Airborne nanorobots can stationkeep in the vicinity of the host patient by acoustic homing on a coded ultrasonic beacon worn by the patient, all of whose emanations are inaudible to the human ear.

  • Airborne nanorobots can navigate and avoid no-fly zones (Section by various methods. For instance, a flying nanorobot approaching... human flesh would detect thermal emissions.

  •  ....all aerial nanorobots can continuously transmit relative skin-proximity data to their neighbors, allowing each device within a virtual "warning lattice" to estimate its rate of approach to the nearest prohibited surface.

  • ... nanorobots can also detect normal conversational speech at a range of ~2 meters using >2.4 micron3 pressure sensors (Section

Two nanobots in pulmonary alveola killing a virus using nano-lasers. (artist's conception)

Morgellons Disease

The emerging disease called Morgellons is caused by nano machines which are believed to receive specific microwave, EMF and ELF signals and information. To what end is not known. The symptoms include open skin lesions from which colored or plain fibers emerge.  Some fibers withstand temperatures in excess of 1400 F.  Morgellons nano machines are commonly found in all body fluids and orifices, and are believed to routinely achieve total body systemic penetration.  Morgellons nano machines seem to have some kind of hive or 'group intelligence.' There is strong evidence linking Chemtrail aerosol fibers to Morgellons fibers.  There are more than 10,000 families who report that they suffer from this disease, but it is believed that the actual number may be much higher. Many of these reports involve multiple family members, including numerous children suffering the effects of the disease.

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The Morgellons Research Foundation


Morgellons Defined

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Mystery Illness Baffles Doctors; Frustrates Patients  Evidence is beginning to mount linking this syndrome to Lyme Disease from tick bites.

Morgellons Disease --
New Lab Findings Point To Silicone/Silica
and High Density Polyethlyene Fibers  Are These Now Being Sprayed On Meats and Vegetables

Is this a disease or an episode of the X Files?

Mom fights for answers on what's wrong with her son

Microbivores Artificial Mechanical Phagocytes using Digest and Discharge Protocol



Dr. Hildegarde Staninger - Home

Findings Presented by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger - Oct. 18th-2006Dr. Hildegarde Staninger - Part II



Warning: Morgellons Watch clearly appears to be a disinformation website.


Morgellons Syndrome

Morgellons Syndrome (video II)

Morgellons Videos

KENS 5 TV News Report on Morgellons  4:08 min.

Morgellons - New Disease, or Man-Made Weapon of Terror?


Silent Superbug videos

I wish there was more information available about these videos.  The images are impressive, but nothing is really explained.  Perhaps they are particularly meaningful for the bacteriologist, but as a layperson I don't really understand what is being shown. Some parts of it look just like many of the Morgellons images, but other than that, I just don't really get it.  For example, "Fusarium" is a fungi.*... And who has labelled this disease "STRAIN CBL001"?  Who made these videos?  It all seems rather cryptic.

*Update: In MORGELLONS: MORPHOLOGY CONFIRMED fungi are identified as appearing to play a role in Morgellons! (as are heavy metals!)

silent superbug  Series revealing video footage about a man made environmentally resistant and contagious human pathogen. The micro organism is a synthetic model organism and a product of proteomic and genomic research. (start series: April 2006) --

SilentSuperbug - Update 2007  Exclusive video footage of a man made human pathogen (STRAIN CBL001). The video shows reject in the form of a mammalian like hair and gene expression that indicates the presence of insect cell technology. Fusarium spp.has consistently been cultured from the concept.

Chemtrails and Morgellons

MORGELLONS PATHOGENS FOUND IN RAINWATER?--scroll to the right for amazing photo.
Is Morgellons Disease Caused By Chemtrail Spraying?
MORGELLONS: FIRST OBSERVATIONS  Clifford E Carnicom (page has photos)
Morgellons and Chemtrails -- Video

Chemtrails and Nano

   "diaphanous tendrils"  Quote from Nanomedicine, Vol.1:

"Photonic or acoustic modalities may serve as the basis for ex vivo mobile communication networks (Section 7.3.2). Since bit rates are significantly enhanced by proximity (e.g., smaller Xpath), it may be useful to assign circumcorporeal aerial nanorobots to condensed geometric or traffic patterns, and to allow opportunistic conferencing among them as required, which might appear to the user as irregular or stellate aggregations, diaphanous tendrils, ordered rows or clump arrays at Cartesian grid vertices, evanescent toroidal cloudlets, or other floating geometries conducive to rapid and effective data sharing. In the earlier examples given above, reducing Xpath to 10 microns raises the optical transfer rate to 900 bits/sec and the acoustic transfer rate to 50,000 bits/sec at 13.4 MHz, for rantenna = 1 micron.
These modalities could also be used by a circumcorporeal nanorobot cloud to communicate visual and auditory messages directly to the user."  
Nanomedicine, Volume I: Basic Capabilities

Google search chemtrail spiderwebs for many references to aerosols fitting the description of "diaphanous tendrils".



Nanobots replacing neurons  ( 00:39

NanoBots  ( 1:23 min.

Articles and Links:

Nanotech-- The Future Is Coming Sooner Than You Think -- Government  PDF

Nano-transistor self-assembles using biology news  Nov. 20, 2003 A functional electronic nano-device has been manufactured using biological self-assembly for the first time. It harnesses the construction capabilities of DNA and the electronic properties of carbon nanotubes to create a self-assembling nano-transistor


Senate approves nanotech bill   Nov. 19, 2003   The bill gives nanotech a permanent home in the federal government, putting the National Nanotechnology Initiative into law and authorizing nearly $3.7 billion over four years for research and development programs coordinated and reviewed among several federal agencies. The legislation also authorizes creation of an American Nanotechnology Preparedness Center to study of the emerging technology's potential societal and ethical effects.

Nanotechnology and the Precautionary Principle Imperative

"But for some prominent proponents of nanotech, this is about more than money -- it is about reinventing the entire world, including humans, as they now exist.

"One of the new properties of nano-sized particles is their extreme mobility. They have "almost unrestricted access to the human body," Swiss Re points out, because they can enter the blood stream through the lungs and possibly through the skin, and seem to enter the brain directly via olfactory nerves.

If they become airborne, nano particles can float for very long periods because -- unlike larger particles -- they do not readily settle onto surfaces. In water, nano particles spread unhindered and pass through most available filters. So, for example, current drinking water filters will not effectively remove nano particles. 

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