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HAARP, Chemtrails and Earthquakes – Any connection?

by Ian Brockwell
June 16, 2008

There has been a lot of speculation on the internet recently about whether HAARP is in some way connected to the recent earthquake in China (and possibly other events). Photos of strange clouds (with rainbow colors) have been sighted shortly before the earthquake occurred.

Whilst these clouds (called perihelion or Sun-Dogs) could easily be created by natural conditions, we can´t rule out the possibility that a man-made effect could have played some part in their appearance as well.

The colors we see in a Rainbow are created by White light passing through a prism, which distorts the light to create the beautiful image we are all familiar with. A prism is usually triangular, with two refracting surfaces set at an acute angle to each other.

A Rainbow occurs when the Sun is lower than 42 degrees, whereas a perihelion occurs at 22 degrees on each side of the Sun (and at the same elevation as the Sun).

HAARP creates High Frequency waves that are extremely powerful (an adaptation of an invention by Tesla) and most experts believe that HAARP can indeed produce enough energy to cause an earthquake (among other things). Is it possible that the High Frequency waves from HAARP produce a kind of prism as it hits the Earth's surface?

The following extract, regarding colors and light might be of interest:

"Newton had discovered that color comes from plucking this rainbow of light. But what is light? The modern answer to that question came two centuries after Newton, when Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell declared that light is a vibrating field of electrical and magnetic energy: an electromagnetic field passing through empty space like a wave traveling across the sea. The frequency of the vibrations increases from the red to the violet end of the spectrum, thus determining the perceived color of the light. The wavelength of these light waves gets shorter as the frequency gets higher.

But not all color is generated this way. The rainbow's variegated arc results from refraction, the bending of lights rays as they pass from one medium to another (in this case, from air to the water in raindrops). Another physical color-producing process is scattering: the dispersal of light in all directions by particles in the atmosphere that are about as big as a single wavelength. Light scattering is what makes the sky blue. Rays from the sun are scattered by atmospheric dust, sending the light bouncing in all directions. These dust particles scatter more high-frequency light than low-frequency light, so blue light bounces around in the atmosphere and reaches our eyes from all parts of the sky."

Is light affected by the High Frequency waves of HAARP?

Apart from the ability to create earthquakes, it is believed that HAARP can also affect the weather (make storms much stronger) and take down missiles. But what is the real purpose behind this invention? Is it some deadly new weapon?

Let's assume for a moment that its main purpose is that of a military weapon, at least one person claims that an earlier earthquake in Japan was the result of HAARP.

Unfortunately, the HAARP device is not that difficult to reproduce, so if America can build one, so can other countries, and this brings us to the Chemtrail connection.

I have long thought that Chemtrails were an attempt to block out the affects of the Sun or other galactic rays, in order to reduce the effects of Global Warming. An article by Ted Twietmeyer has also looked at this and points out that if this is the case, it does not seem to be having any affect. I would have to agree that temperatures do not appear to have been significantly reduced, and this either confirms that Chemtrails are not working (if this it what they are designed to do), or maybe they are, and temperatures would be much higher if they weren´t being used. It´s impossible to say for sure.

What I did find very interesting in Ted Twietmeyer´s article was the information he had been given on the content of Chemtrails. Ted has written many articles on this subject and has a great eye for detail (be sure to read his information on NASA and Mars!). As you will see from his article, Chemtrails contain a number of interesting compounds.

To cut a long story short, these compounds (metallic in nature) are ideal for blocking/deflecting (or at least reducing) microwaves or electro magnetic effects etc. Whilst this still could be for the purpose of reducing the effects of Global Warming, it could also have some benefit in shielding a potential attack from a HAARP device in another country.

Without more information or proof, we can only speculate. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that we are already witnessing a war, a war that does not involve conventional weapons, but a device that creates "natural" disasters that can be equally devastating.

There are of course many dangers to using such a device. The first obviously is what happens when the other side obtains the same capabilities? The second, which is less predictable, is what side effects can we expect? Creating earthquakes involves "shaking" tectonic plates so that they move (which is what causes the damage), but the movement of one plate can potentially affect others, and this could cause a domino effect (producing earthquakes in other parts of the world).

I´m sure we will hear much more on this subject in the future, and can only hope that those who use devices like HAARP consider all the consequences of their actions.


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